Jesse, Co-Founder and Training Lead of ONE Academy,  is a Professional Fitness Trainer as well as an Elite Obstacle Course Racing Athlete.  He specializes in program design and exercise correction, and brings with him a fire to motivate and inspire, while bringing people together. His passion for fitness, motivation, and community come from a life of facing struggles and defeat.  Growing up with little self- esteem, Jesse went down a long, dark, path almost ending his life many times until he found comfort and hope in fitness. He eventually turned his life around and pursued a career in Personal Training at Niagara College.  Jesse then furthered his education with an Honors Bachelor Degree in Kinesiology at University of Guelph-Humber. In 2012, Jesse discovered the sport of Obstacle Racing, and with it started his first company called Time for War Fitness. He also obtained a Business Management Diploma at Humber College.  In 2013 he Co-Founded Alpha Obstacle Training where he was the Head Trainer and Race Director constructing over 30 Obstacle Course Races.  Since his transformation, Jesse has won first place in 35 Elite Obstacle Course Races and over 60 total podiums. When asked, he will say his proudest moments are watching his teammates finishing their first obstacle course, overcoming incredible challenges, getting on the podium themselves, and building friendships with amazing people throughout.

Jesse’s story is truly one of resilience and strength and will inspire anyone to tackle obstacles in life and attain goals. When you listen to Jesse’s story, you will understand the deep impact fitness can have on physical and mental well-being.  Inspiring for Fitness Professionals, Athletes, and the General Public!

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